Ali2Woo Review — How I made money with the best Dropshipping Tool

Starting an eCommerce shop is not an easy task. There is a ton of things you need to consider, and each of them needs certain research to be done. You have to decide, what platform to use for your store, how to attract and engage customers, and how to provide the best possible service for them to make them return later. You need to deal with all these tasks and make everything work together to create a profitable online store.

And like for building a house it is necessary to have a solid foundation, the same is true for an eCommerce project. Here everything starts with choosing the right platform. It defines, how convenient the store will be not only for the future customer, but for yourself as an owner: how much time you will spend on setting up and updating all the necessary pages, adding product descriptions, and handling orders. It also has to be secure and reliable, to minimize the risks of data loss or other unexpected problems.

Why not Shopify?

My first option to consider was Shopify. Yes, it is widely used, and you can find online shops built on this platform all over the internet. I even started setting up a store with the Shopify demo version to test everything out. But the deeper I got into it, the more potential problems I could see.

First, even the paid version of Shopify gives you very little control over your data. If you search online, you will find several stories from people who get their store shut down for an unknown reason and then spend lots of time dealing with Shopify support in an attempt to get things and order. Even if the risk of such an occasion is very low, the very possibility of such cases makes Shopify somewhat unappealing for me.

The second disadvantage was the fact, that the service is subscription-based. So, you have to pay regularly, no matter how much profit your store has brought in the current period. This could slow the growth of your business, especially in the early stages, when every cent matters. Moreover, you may have to pay for additional modules as well.

An easy start with Ali2Woo

So, I started to look for an alternative. After some more research, reading reviews, and consulting with people more experienced in the area I found out, that the most advice point towards a plugin called Ali2Woo. I decided to try it out, and I can assure you, that everything went better than expected — much better, I must say.

Basically, Ali2Woo turns your WordPress site into an online store. WordPress makes website creation easy for those, who do not have prior coding experience. Everything can be done with visual editing tools, that do not differ much for writing a blog post or working with an editor. Add Ali2Woo to the equation, and you will get a resource to create your online shop with minimal effort.

I had some WordPress in my early days when I was building my personal website, so I decided to try and build a store on my own. For those, who want an easier solution, Ali2Woo offers an option to order a dropshipping store creation. This is a good opportunity to enter this business and start earning money with dropshipping even with no prior experience. You get literally a ready-made business — a store in a niche with good perspectives, alongside step-by-step guides on how to develop it further.

No matter what option you choose — an Ali2Woo plugin for the website you create on your own or the whole dropshipping store created for you — you will have to pay only once. No subscriptions, no recurring payments — a rare case among modern commercial services. Just play about 35 bucks, and the plugin is yours to use.

Main features of Ali2Woo

So, you can see, I liked the journey from the start. I started setting up my store with Ali2Woo Lite (a free version of the plugin) but decided to switch to the full one after a couple of days. Another thing I find very useful is the documentation. The knowledge base for the plugin is written with clear language and is easy to understand even if you (like me) do not have professional programming or web knowledge. I tried out several WordPress themes, and Ali2Woo integrated well with all of them without any compatibility issues.

While setting up my dropshipping store and handling the purchases of my first customers, I experienced several other advantages of the plugin:

  • All interactions with AliExpress are automated. While some other plugins offer to enter orders manually as the only option, here the plugin will do it for you via AliExpress API

All features of the Ali2Woo plugin are described in its knowledge base. It is very practice-oriented, so it is easy to find step-by-step instructions for all typical tasks. Once I had to contact tech support on the question of working the different delivery methods, and I got my question answered within a day.

I feel truly amazed by Ali2Woo’s functionality and the fact, that you have to pay for it only once. As I see from their blog, the developers are constantly working on the service, adding new features and polishing existing ones. You can also read regular news and useful advice there.

But maybe you would like to ask, at what point is my dropshipping store now. It is growing and bringing profit, and after six months with my Ali2Woo dropshipping project, I earned about 5 000 $ doing it in my spare time, and do not plan to stop on this. Whether you already have some experience in eCommerce or are a newcomer in this field, Ali2Woo will provide you with a solution to start and grow your business, and my own experience proves it.



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